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move looking for a gal. >> sal is over there watching the toll plaza. >> it's lighter than it normally is. traffic is moving along very well here. i want to quickly mention an accident in vermont. it's blocking lanes. let's go to rosemary. >> mostly cloudy, partly cloudy for today. cool and breezy. the temperatures in the low 50s along the coast to low 60s inland. a warming trend expected for the weekend. i'll have the numbers coming up. >> all right. coming up next on morning's on 2, that big news from berkley, first reported at 4:30 this morning, a fire in one of the bay area's best known restaurants. >> also happening right now, a major crime spree involving federal agents as oakland police stay right here with us
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. the big news from berkeley. a fire at one of the bay area's best known restaurants. >> this happening right now in oakland. a major crime sweep involving federal agents and local police. a live report coming up. >> overnight news froms. the victim of a horrible home invasion robbery is now telling his story. >> more than 100 people have
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been living in a homeless camp in san jose. they are supposed to clear out this morning but many are still here. what is going to happen. mornings on 2 starts now. >> complete, bay area news coverage starts right now this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. welcome to mornings onto. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. happening now, in oakland, federal agents and local police are teaming up for a major crime sweep. brian flores is live from oakland with new information on this developing story. >> reporter: good morning to you. what we are learning is that this police raid involving oakland police as well as united states marshalls, they arrested several people this morning starting at around two on people involved in violent crime. this was confirmed when we pulled up about six a large
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group of officers and some heavy tactical gear and armored vehicles. the police station served as a regrouping point for the operation which included opd and united states marshalls. attorneys also involved here as well. they have a command unit based in front of the station also. it's still not clear in terms of the details on this operation but we just confirmed there was a large group of people arrested this morning. we believe the operation continues on for at least right now. several people involved in violent crimes. we are expected to hear from police chief howard jordon, he just camen. he is being briefed from oakland police on the operation. i did speak with the united states marshalls service earlier this morning. they say that the operation should be done earlier this morning. we are expecting video as well, as well as a press conference at 11:30. again, police chief howard
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jordon just arrived here in oakland. we are expected to hear from him in a moment. soon as we do we will check back with you here and get more details. >> one person is dead after being hit by a car while trying to run across highway 273 in san jose. it happened about 8:40 when the victim was crossing the highway near north first street. authorities sate driver of the car dropped immediately after the accident and called police. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. eastbound lanes of the highway were closed for about three hours. two lanes of interstate 880 were shut down after a big rig went up in flames. it happened last night just north of 66th avenue. the back of a fully load cisco food truck caught on fire. the driver acted quickly unlooking the burning trailer and pulling forward out of
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harm's way. >> time now 7:03, be careful on eastbound interstate 880. yesterday a box of nails spilled across the american canyon road on-ramp. the police don't know how it happened. it took crews 30 minutes to clean up all the nails but be careful. they say at least 20 vehicles were damaged. they need to get new tires. >> that can cost. >> let's check in with sal and see what other traffic problems we are seeing. >> just a lot of little things. today has been a slightly bit -- better than usual day. let's go take a look at the good news. this is the bay bridge. normally we have a big back up, right now it's minimal and i have been checking the chp list. we don't have a lot of crashes on the major roads. we have had a couple of side road crashes and an earlier one on 80. that's been cleared. let's move to the drive here in
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san francisco along northbound 101. there is still a scene at b street, vermont, castro valley with an injury crash. let's go to rosemary. >> sunnier skies for friday. temperatures will warm up slightly over yesterday. our weather is drying out. that system that brought us the rain finally moving to the south. a live look at the current temperatures, a band of clouds stretching from san francisco sort of up the i-80 corridor at this time. napa still checking in right at 36 degrees for you. santa rosa 35, fairfield 35, just a few degrees above freezing. that's a chilly start. widespread 40s, we are cleared out but the central and southern portions of the bay area were under mostly cloudy skies, take a look at the time
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l aps e. it's just been the last hour or two since the system has pulled far enough south to help with the clearing. as i move farther out we have the system out off the coast. just the north eedge of the wrap around moisture into parts of the valley, san luis ob isp o. we are looking good for today. temperatures will be up a few degrees over yesterday's high. upper 50s. here is the thing. ridge of high pressure will start to build in. the difference over the low that's moved out. will kick up the winds. it'll feel like a cool, breezy day. we will see low 70s with mostly sunny skies as we get into monday and tuesday. >> thank you.
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new this morning, a fire at an iconic restaurant. it happened at chez panisse early this morning while most the damage is to the outside of the building the restaurant will likely be closed for some time. we are on the scene and just finished talking to the owner of chez panisse. >> reporter: she is very shaken by what happened. she was kind enough to toccatas. i know you just toured the vehicle. i know it was difficult. tell us how your restaurant looks this morning. >> i think -- we are very lucky that it happened in the middle of the night and nobody was there and nobody was hurt. the front porch of the restaurant is completely gone. i mean it's completely burned. it happened under the porch
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somehow. they don't know how. i think it -- it can be rebuilt. i think it's -- [inaudible] thank you. i think the cafe is intact. the big beams over the building have been saved and so i'm -- i feel very -- like we are very lucky. >> reporter: i know you said when you walked through it was emotional. its been here since 1971, a long time. you have been through a fire before and maybe those experiences made you -- survive this one better. >> absolutely. absolutely. but it brings back all the memories of the fire in 1982. the restaurant -- [inaudible] 42 years so i know it'll rebuild itself. something is going to change, i don't know what it'll be yet
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but i'm -- i'm just -- just -- you know -- it's a -- >> reporter: it's hard. >> a part of me has burned down but i'm glad that beautiful tree is there. we probably lot of the wisteria on the front of the building. the roses on the side. >> reporter: but you are not going away. >> no. we aren't. i want people to know that -- that they just will have to bear with us a little bit but i think -- i think it'll --. >> reporter: i think they will be patient. >> i hope so. >> reporter: you have had a lot of support out here. that is alice waters who is the founder, executive chef and author and well known around the world for her work in the kitchen and for this restaurant. kind enough to join us this morning as she goes over and
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talks to the many who showed up for work today. obviously a very emotional. part of her feels like it burned down but look agent the silver lining, thinking it may be sooner than later that she reopens at least the cafe portion. she said she may make the front porch a little bigger now that she has the opportunity to do that but emotional for her as she surveys the damage and thinks about what's next. live in berkeley. >> all right. the clock is ticking in san jose for dozens of homeless people. the city plans to clear out a homeless camp and force the people out. we are live at the camp on spring street. >> reporter: there is a lot of movement out here. a man just walked up. homeless man. he packed up all of his stuff in this grocery cart. you can see also, in this tent and camp behind me they have their tent up but they are packing up all their
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belongings. even if we move over to another cluster of trees here you can see a couch, looks like its been abandoned. there used to be a tent here when i was here a few weeks ago and now that's gone. city workers are supposed to arrive with a team of people to clean up about 120 have been living here. it's a very visible to passing cars and the city is worried about sanitation and public safety. they say a lot of trash and debris is collecting. they have been sending outreach workers to help connect the homeless with resources but admit the resources are limited. the project manager of this clean up effort said it's better that the homeless move from this particular location even if it is to another camp somewhere else in the city. >> want to help people move along. even if they move to another camp for a shorter period of time we are dispersing the larger camps and breaking down some of the more serious problems. >> we will track them where
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they go. we need to try to help them into housing situations that work for them. >> reporter: workers from the conservation core will be here to start tearing down the tents and the man made structure. the property that they have will be stored for 90 days and then they will be able to claim it. we have seen several dogs out here. a lot of people have pets. they say that's the only friend they have and that's why a lot of them are hesitating to go into shelters and that's why animal control will be out here to make sure, to see if anyone wants to give up their animals. coming up, we will update you on this situation. still no sign of the city but when they arrive we will definitely let you know and bring it to you to see if there is a sort of confrontation because when i was speaking to the project manager yesterday he said this is a lot like people feel that they are being evicted because it was their
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home. reporting live from san jose. ktvu chop el 2news. >> thank you. coming up a channel 2 exinclusive. the amount of guns at airports over the past year. >> and a big change in fighting wildfires. why the forest agency has a new policy to stay away from many fire lines. there's this island -- and it's got super-cute kangaroos.
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. stocks open higher on wall street this morning with the dow continuing to climb into record territory. right now it's up nine at 14, 33 the. the nasdaq and s and p are basically flat. one of the reasons the dow is higher, new indications that more companies are hiring. that's the news from the jobs
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report. the unemployment rate dropped to its lowest level in four years. that's better than economists predicted. about 80,000 more jobs than expected were added last month. that suggests the economy has enough momentum to with stand the blow from higher taxes and deep government spending cuts. >> thousands of family members, friends, other police officers have now paid their last respects to those two fallen police officers from santa cruz. more than 8,000 people were at san jose's hp pavilion for the public memorial for sergeant butch baker and elizabeth butler. detective butler's partner took the stage. their oldest son wore his mother's hat. >> she will live on in spirit through people she had known
7:19 am
and touched. the life and the time i spent with her will not be in vain. >> the sergeant's daughter red a -- her father audi poem she wrote as a little girl. her brother adam a police officer stood by her. >> if i had to speak one word for you it would be integrity. though it's difficult to sometimes stand against th norm, you do. >> the governor, state attorney general and former secretary of defense, were among the vip's who were there. we have posted much more of the memorial on the channel 2 website. go to it and you will find video, slide shows, and also information on the scholarship funds that have been set up for the police officers children. >> new this morning, north korea adding more fuel to the
7:20 am
tension in the pacific rim. a military rally, north korea also announced it's disconnecting a hotline and canceling a nonaggression treaty with south korea. they are furious over tougher sanctions. 21 peace keepers held in syria are still in rebel custody. this amateur video shows them. the rebels had been expected to free them this morning but they refused to hand them over until syria troops pull back. >> only on two, a ktvu news exclusive ono security at airports. some travelers still try to sneak through with guns and other weapons. scott mcfarland is live in the washington dc newsroom.
7:21 am
>> reporter: take a look at creep. this is one of the guns, a 32 caliber in a carry on bag found by the tsa. our numbers show at san francisco enter international 11 guns have been seized since the beginning of 2012. a tsa spokesman said passengers trying to bring guns through the airport all to frequently. they are banned in the terminal and pose a threat if smuggled on board but a lot of travelers say they forgot to remove them. security consultants say it's a reason why tsa does the screenings. >> the key is you have to keep the bad guy off his game and the way to do that is random. i have to reassess my whole way of how i will try to beat security. >> reporter: the reports have knives, grenades in san francisco and san jose, stun guns, a tsa spokesman said
7:22 am
often it's just an accident but they turn the cases over to prosecutors. live in washington. scott mcfarland. >> the united states forest service has a new polly about fighting wildfires. they were $400 million over budget during last year's busy fire season so now it may let more wildfires burn this summer instead of going in and fighting them. that follows criticism they were wasting money fighting fires in remote areas. critics also say that battling all the fires put firefighters at risk. new, google announced a large number of layoffs in its motorola unit. they are cutting 1200 jobs. that's more than 10% of its work force. the job cuts will affect workers here in the united states, in china and in india.
7:23 am
google laid off 4,000 employees last year. months after buying the company. stock in pandora media is up after a better than expected 4th quarter. the music service saw shares jump 19% in after hours trading. a ceo also made a surprise announcement. he said he plans to step down when a replacement is found. >> raining, in some parts of the bay area. up next, rosemary will tell us how the weekend forecast is shaping up. >> also a new development involving the former lapd officer connected to four murders. why a camp ranger is now taking center stage in this case. >> good morning. northbound 280 getting up to highway 17. slow traffic building in silicon valley. hello?
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the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on.
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isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. . a camp ranger said he is
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entitled to the reward money in the christopher dorner case. the ranger was car jacked by the former los angeles police officer and later called the police. he said that, that call ended the manhunt and now he wants the entire $1.2 million reward. police say dorner killed four people before taking his own life. >> vallejo firefighters battled a supermarket fire involving freon. it happened yesterday afternoon. there was a small explosion and a fire. investigators say 250 pounds of gas from fridge units somehow was released into the air. it forced the store to be evacuated and several nearby businesses. no injuries but for a couple people feeling sick. >> want to check in with sal. keeping a close eye on the roads on friday morning.
7:27 am
>> some areas have been friday light and that means the bay bridge and you can look at it for yourself and the golden gate bridge too. southbound traffic looks good and it looks good in marin at the world's most famous bridge. the slightly lesser known bay bridge at the toll plaza. you will see traffic that's not all that bad. we got a little bit of a delay in the middle lanes. that's less than five minutes. i think you seeing this you will think i will take that any day of the week. let's move to 80. some are held up in slow traffic due to early problems. it's kind of a mess because of an earlier crash at cutting. we want to mention southbound 880 between haywood and fremont we are doing the drive time. it's 20 minutes, which is not all that bad and across the bay on highway 101 between 3840 and 92 it's still eight minutes which is ideal time to go
7:28 am
through. >> our rain event just about over. giving you a live look at storm tracker two, the showers have really diminished even before the sun rose we were watching the dry conditions fill into the bay area. just a band of clouds from san francisco, stretching across the bay and into areas like fairfield. i will show you where this system is, off the coast of california and it'll make an easterly trek over the next several hours. that wrap around moisture may be clipping just the northern edge of the viewing area. perhaps gilroy, most of us will dry out. decreasing clouds, seeing it this morning. the winds will pick up. little breezy for some today. temperatures slightly warmer but that breeze just may counter balance what temperature difference we see. expect a cool, breezy day. mostly sunny. the bigger warm up in time for the weekend. mostly sunny, mid to upper 60's. we don't stop there. temperatures in to the low 70s
7:29 am
into monday and tuesday and on sunday morning we spring forward. daylight savings so we have to move the clocks ahead. today the sunsets at 6:12, by sunday it'll set at 7:15. >> all right. a developing story from the vatican can. the church will say when it'll start the vote to elect a new pope. we will bring you the live report. >> we have details of a home invasion here and we will update you on the search for the suspect when we continue.
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. in overnight news, police in san francisco and oakland helped recover electronics stole in a home invasion and the victim of the violent robbery is telling us what happened. we just spoke to him about 90 minutes ago. what did he say? >> reporter: we spoke to the homeowner and police. they say the home invaders targeted this blue home here. the man living here told us the story how it happened just after midnight. we have video of police on the scene earlier this morning. i spoke to a man living here and he didn't want to be on camera because the suspects are still on the loose but he said that he heard a noise outside
7:33 am
of his home shortly after midnight and before he knew it two men were inside demanding jewelry and anything of value. >> the first guy took me to the bathroom, had me in the tub with a gun to my head and held me there while his friend ransacked the house. he decided he thought he needed help finding more items sew wanted me to come help and as soon as he realized standing meant i could see him again he decided to get me back down on the ground. >> reporter: scary details coming from inside the home. the resident said that the suspects made off with two computers, i-phone, i-pad and personal items. police say one of the devices had tracking software online and police were able to follow that signal. the resident said that police first tracked that signal and the suspects to treasure island and then to oakland. san francisco police contacted oakland authority who were able to track the stolen items to
7:34 am
80th avenue. we have yesterday yellow of officers there. they say it appears the suspects figured out that the police were onto them and ditched the stolen items under a parked car. police have returned the computers and some of the items to the homeowner. among those still missing the victim's i-phone and i-pod and a number of personal items. he said that police say the suspects in the case could face 25 years to life in prison for this and they may have evidence in this case, possibly including a partial or whole fingerprint and maybe even some dna. so, septemberors hoping that will lead them to the suspects in this case. we are live in san francisco, ktvu. >> a missing person's case in san jose is now a homicide investigation. the body of a man known as the magician has been found. stanley jacobson was found stabbed to death yesterday in his apartment at a senior
7:35 am
citizen's complex. his family found the body but they had searched the apartment before but didn't see the body. police say a woman named regina butler has been arrested in the case. >> there was speculation she was involved in prostitution, that she may have been trying to exploit hifinancially. we don't know. >> his friends remember him for the magic tricks he could do. detectives also now say another fatal stabbing in san jose was not gang related. the victim a man in his early 20s was found in guadalupe oak grove park wednesday afternoon. police say they hope to soon release his name. so far they don't have a motive or any suspects. >> the conclave to elect a new pope could start monday. the last of the 115 voting cardinals have arrived in
7:36 am
vatican city. we are live in rome with the important announcement that comes down in two and a half hours. >> reporter: right. good morning. to you. in two and a half hours the cardinals will vote basically for when to begin the conclave. that secret election to pick a new pope. we should know what the resuddenlies are of that election and when it'll begin later today. before the conclave they will died how much longer they want to continue the preconclave meetings. >> we have no idea who the pope will be. it's an exciting time and an important time for the church. we just have to wait and see and pray to the holy spirit that we receive the person we are supposed to have. >> reporter: final preparations are underway inside chapel. windows have been blocked to ensure privacy. a raised floor has been built to protect the flooring and
7:37 am
hide anti bugging equipment. one stove will burn wal-marts ballots, the other will send a signal when a new pope has been picked. outside clothing has been picked for the new pope. >> he is --. >> reporter: these are the clothes that he will wear as soon as he is elected to appear on the balcony. >> it's an exciting thing to seat preparations. >> reporter: interesting because we have -- they want to get the pope into place by the beginning of holy week which is at the end of this month but there is also a lot of need to discuss a lot during these meetings. they have to discuss the crisis's facing the church, the needs of the church and that leads to discussing the character the new pope will need to have to take on the challenges of the church. a lot to discuss in a short
7:38 am
period time. they don't want to rush it but they want a pope by holy week. >> all right. live in rome. thank you. >> happening right now, venezuela holding a state tune for its late president. these are live pictures. chavez died tuesday from a massive heart attack at the age of 58. live pictures, you can seat huge crowd out there. the body will be embalmed and then be put on permanent display inside of a glass tomb. the heads of more than 30 governments attending the funeral. they include the iranian leader and cuban president. other news, we are finding more about how an intern was killed by a lion.
7:39 am
diana hanson was cleaning out the lion's cage at the cat haven when she was attacked. the lion was in a feeding cage but was able to escape and came up behind her. she died instantly. officials now investigating whether the gate on that cage was left open. >> san francisco police are investigating a bold shooting. police say someone shot a man in the chest while he was sitting in a car. it happened on bryant and main street in broad daylight yesterday afternoon. the victim who was in his 30s was a passenger in the car and suffered serious injuries. the driver was not hurt. police say the shooter took off running. we are learning new details about a deadly shooting that killed three people near forestville last month. court documents show two of the victims were buying marijuana from the third victim when they were shot. documents also reveal the
7:40 am
alleged killer a 46-year-old was looking to buy the marijuana as well and had met with the three victims a day before the killings. investigators say the marijuana was taken to colorado and new mexico before the suspects were caught. >> pink slip, going out this collect to toll collectors at the golden gate bridge. nine of the 38 worker who are losing their jobs are long time employees. >> it's very hard to read the letter and like -- it's like they almost don't care. >> starting march 27th. drivers will need a fast track account set up to cross the golden gate bridge. otherwise you will get an invoice in the mail that has to be paid in 21 days. >> speaking of bridges, let's check on the toll plaza. the bay bridge? >> a lot of people are always interested in seeing what that
7:41 am
bridge does because when it's light its light for others. this morning it is light. if you are trying to get into san francisco it's not all that bad. we did have some problems on 80 earlier this morning. we have had a couple of stalls, fender benders, on 80 and that's what may be holding people up. let's take a look at another live picture. this traffic looks good. no major problems by the way getting to the lower deck. talked about 80, it's probably the busiest traffic in the bay area boss because of earlier problems. it's backed up and it doesn't clear up until you reach berkeley. >> no rainfalling the sky. in fact take a look at sun, a mix of sun and clouds, this morning, many of us waking up with mostly sunny skies, you are looking at storm tracker 2 we have a band of clouds that stretches from san francisco, across the san pablo bay, richmond and just follows along i-80 thoroughfare field.
7:42 am
that strip of clouds there, outside of that looking good with fair skies in napa, santa rosa, still chilly, track be mid-30s and we haven't budged much. 39 walnut creek. widespread 40s, 48 oakland. mid to upper 40s san jose. the winds light right now. i expect they will pick up into the afternoon as our pattern begins to change. here is a broad view of the pacific satellite view and from above you can see this is the tomorrow that lingered here for two and a half days. it's now shifting south. it'll be over southern california today. we may pick up just a stray shower out of this wrap around moisture. anything we get not going to be a lot. this system exiting the bay area. ridge of high pressure in time for the weekend. today will stay cool and a little breezy, up 50s to low 60 he. take a look tomorrow. the warmest day will be sunday. as you get outside, we expect
7:43 am
the mostly sunny conditions, there is moisture tonight. i want to make note of it though i don't expect which will see much of anything. maybe a sprinkle over the santa cruz mountains, that should be about it. the weekend is dry. we start sunday morning, daylight saving also starts, that means we spring forward with clock, we loose an hour of sleep but gain an hour of sunlight for the afternoon. monday and tuesday look to be the warmest days. >> thank you. 20 minutes now before eight. some not great news. this is better news if you are heading to southern california. the grapevine in southern california is now open. just a short time ago the chp started escorting people over the pass. it was shut down for four hours because of snow. the icy road caused several accidents over night. the chp said traffic was backed up for miles with cars trying to get over the big connector.
7:44 am
a late season winter storm is still pounding the northeast today. forecasters predict boston will get six to ten inches of snow. new england will be hit by waves of snow. the storm also damaged parts of the new jersey shore still reeling from sandy last fall. yesterday high surf broke through a temporary dune forcing the shut down of a major coastal highway. >> and the big waves on thest coast are care scary for dozens who live there. this is new video of a house on plum island massachusetts that collapsed after its foundation was washed away by the latest east coast storm. beach erosion is a big factor in this house collapse. no injuries have been reported. a deadly bacteria claiming 50% of victims is on the rise. who it's affecting. its been a rough week for
7:45 am
justin bieber. what happened last night during his concert in london. [ male announcer ] it's a rule of nature. you don't decide when vegetables reach the peak of perfection.
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. the dow still marching in a record territory and now the s and p is just about 20 points away from its all time high. the nasdaq though is still well below its record set back during the -- the tech bubble in 2000. you can see the live look at the big board. the dow up 39. the nasdaq is up two, it's up four, i'm sorry. the s and p is up two.
7:48 am
the reason stocks higher this morning, new indications that more companies are hiring. that is the news from this morning's job report. the national unemployment report dropped to its lowest level in four years, it's now at 7.7%. economists say under employment is city hail ata 18%. >> warnings of a super bug in hospitals. pam cook is in the studio to tell us more about what may be causing this possibly deadly illness. >> reporter: it's pretty serious. doctorsa across the are you are being warned by the cdc about the dangerous germ. it's bacteria that is showing up more often in hospitals and can be deadly in 50% of patients. specialists say part of the problem is how medications handed out and that doctors need to be more strict and only give targeted aa ntibiotics
7:49 am
when absolutely necessary. >> the side effects and the damage that medications cause, we will be -- basically changing our own normal flora into resistant bacteria. >> reporter: he said they are not stopping the growth of this bacteria and that it can spread making it even more resistant to medication. coming up in the next hour, some things you can do while in the hospital to reduce your chance of being exposed. >> hundreds of thousands of california residents facing double digit increases in insurance premiums. an 11.8% rate hike happened for blue shield customers. etna will see it go up 11.4%. the hikes are unreasonable says some saw regulators say they
7:50 am
don't have the authority to reject or change those rates. >> new this morning bin laden's son-in-law has plead not guilty to terrorism charges in a new york city federal court. aa prosecutor said that he has given an extensive statement to united states officials after his arrest. the court appearance happens after he was captured in jordon this week and secretly moved to new york. some republicans oppose holding the hearing in new york and say he this should be at gitmo. they say he was a spokesman for al-qaeda. the south african detective who was remove from the oscar pistorius investigation said he has resigned from the police force due to personal reasons. the officer stepped down from the force yesterday. he was the first on the scene for the shooting that killed pistorius's girlfriend. he is a accused of mixing up
7:51 am
important facts in the investigation. it also came out that he faces attempted murder charges himself for a case dating back in 2011 when he allegedly opened fire on a full taxi bus while drunk. >> a richmond police sergeant is on paid leave after being accused of taking bribes. the times reports the sergeant michael wang is a accused of taking $140,000 in bribes from drug dealers and also alerting a dealer that there was a tracking device on his car. he is also accused of tipping off a drug dealer to a sting operation that led to the shooting of a police informant. a prosecution witness is making the accusations. wafg's lawyer said the witness lied so prosecutors would drop charges against him. police investigating a bold bank robbery. it happened while the memorial for two slain police officers was taking place. police say three masked men robbed a bank of the west
7:52 am
around noon yesterday. one officer said he thinks the robbers took advantage of the smaller than usual police staffing due to the memorial. >> i think it was a plan. very difficult to put into words when's it feels like. it's disrespectful. >> police say the suspects got away in a smaller suv and this morning they are still on the loose. >> an increase in std and unwanted pregnancies has prompted a high school to take action. jefferson union high has announced it'll start passing out condoms to students who meet with counselors and have taken sex education classes. its part of a program adopted last month. been a tough week for justin bieber. he is recovering after getting sick during his concert. he felt dizzy during his concert last night. he took a break and was treated backstage with oxygen before finishing the show.
7:53 am
you can see him there on stage. afterward he was taken to a hospital as a precaution. on monday he was greeted by a booing crowd when he went on stage two hours late. >> the superintendent of the palo alto school district is telling parents about a district bullying investigation. it's the first time parents have heard since they found out about the federal office for civil rights investigation involving bullying of a special ed student. the superintendent explained how the school's plan to handle reports of bullying including active efforts of prevention and response training. last year's investigation found the district mishandled the bullying case. >> a major decision today about military exercises off the california coast. the equipment in question that some say could hurt whales and dolphins. >> and hundreds of sharks in the water.
7:54 am
look down there. they make a day at the beach dangerous. where and why they are showing up. there's this island -- and it's got super-cute kangaroos. barrow island has got rare kangaroos. ♪
7:55 am
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7:56 am
and served in three new combinations. at sizzler! . look at this. lots of sharks making people nervous in florida. hundreds are off the beach and only 300 feet from shore. the lifeguards are keeping people out of the water during the day, they are using helicopters just to make sure that the coast is clear. >> a decision is expected today on whether the navy must change a sonar training program off the coast of southern california. some say the exercises can cause hearing loss and hemorrhaging in whales and dolphins. the california coastal commission could ban the navy from doing exercises near marine sanctuaries and areas with a high concentration of whales. they are scheduled to start
7:57 am
early next year. international women's day has arrived. the time to honor achievements of women, past and present. it it's the yearly celebration of women's political, economic and social accomplishments and google even honored the day with a special logo. always entertaining to see what google's search page. >> i honor you tori. >> thank you and all the women out there. sal is back but busy. something just happened. >> yeah. san mateo county. it's a -- the injury crash on the border of pacifica and san bruno. the road at college. on the way up the hill. two overturned cars there and we have fire and police on the scene. it's a good area to avoid. a lot of people use highway one to sharp park and then come over the hill. right now that's not a good
7:58 am
alternate. stay on highway one as the alternate. if you are trying to get down into pacifica, westbound, no delays. it's a nice drive into san francisco. if you are driving in to san jose its been nice. very few traffic delays. 7:55. >> a nice weekend. shaping up around the bay area. outside the doors, partly cloudy, mostly sunny, here is the thing. i expect we will stay cool, a little breezy for the afternoon. we are clearly drying out at this point. that storm that brought us the rain over the last few days moving to the south. we will be over southern california for today. partly cloudy, continuing mostly sunny in some cases for some areas this afternoon and the afternoon breeze is expected to pick up. our afternoon highs will be slightly warmer than yesterday
7:59 am
but with that breeze it may counter act and may feel cool. if you are headed to the sierra the storm remains over the sierra and snow showers in the forecast with mostly cloudy skies, the weekend sure does look good. mostly sunny skies, overnight lows cold in to the teens, upper 30s for saturday. upper 40 by sunday. here at home we have a warming trend of our own. take a look at that. on saturday, mid60's in the afternoon. mostly sunny skies, if you are out early on maybe a soccer game. maybe headed to the farmer's market. mid to upper 30s in the forecast. the afternoon looking good. sunday warmer than saturday. we spring forward on sunday. monday into tuesday we are dry. mostly sunny. low 70s in the afternoon. >> time now 7:57. busy in san jose. the warning the city has given a hundred homeless people and what will happen if they don't move out. >> we have new video of an
8:00 am
area that fire investigators focusing on right no after a fire breaks out at the landmark chez panisse. >> and we are live at oakland where officials took part in a huge warrant sweep. the latest on that investigation. [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf is more fun than ever.
8:01 am
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8:02 am
. welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. new, the owner of a legendary bay area restaurant promises to rebuild after the restaurant caught fire overnight. flames the chez panisse restaurant first reported around three. the restaurant has been honored as one of the best in america but it's going to be closed for the time being. claudine has been out there since 4:30. you talked live on the air to the owner and founder of chez panisse. >> reporter: that's right. she was very upset over this but also said she feels lucky because the damage could have been much worse. i want to give you a look at what's happening. you can see they have opened the street up to traffic. if you take a look on the front porch area you can see firefighters still up there. investigators still taking a look. we are just over there in the
8:03 am
last few and got the up close look at the area they are focusing their attention on this morning and we have new video we want to show you. if you take a look you can see investigators underneath kind of looks like a crawl space. it's the underside of a porch. that is where they believe the fire started. it broke out from that area, came up onto the porch and that's when it setoff the sprinklers and the firefighters said that sprinkler system likely saved the building from burning down. we did talk to the owner alice waters about this restaurant. we talked to her just moments after she got the up close look at the damage. >> it was pretty well contained to the front down stairs porch. it hasn't taken structural damage to the main beams of the building which is incredible. they may find something else but right now i just feel
8:04 am
lucky. >> reporter: she feels lucky but obviously still very upset. she feels like part of her burned down this morning when this fire broke out. shernell is what we know. it started some sometime between one and three. a call came in when the flames were spotted but it could have been burning for a while. we know it started in that subfloor area. most of the damage was to the outside of the building. what we don't know is what cause it. they are saying could be electrical. someone hanging out in the area. they don't know and they are going through carefully. in terms of when this restaurant could reopen, alice waters said there is a cafe area and they hope that maybe they will be able to open that sooner. she said that the focus is on making sure the employees feel secure, that the building is safe and that everybody takes a
8:05 am
look. they could be a couple of days, could's longer. ktvu. >> thank you. 8:02. it's happening right now in oakland. agents and local police have joined forces for a major crime sweep. brian flores is live from oakland where the city's police chief is now part of this operation. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there continues to be a large and federal police presence. they have set up a mobile command center here in front of the east moment police station. what we are learning is several search warrants and arrest warrants were issued throughout the city as well as throughout the bay area to people that are allegedly involved in violent crimes. this operation started roughly around two this morning with officers the police department and other agencies, federal agencies, targeting different locations where known criminals may have been. chopper 2 was just about an hour ago was above what may
8:06 am
have been a sweep on 96 and olive. question understand another operation may have been on 65th. several people have been arrested for violent crimes, the police chief said the operation was months in the planning he gave us the update. >> it went well. everybody,ing been no injuries to either officers or citizens. we recovered several weapons including an aassault weapon and we are looking for other suspect that are wanted in connection with the violent crime in oakland. >> reporter: police chief said that the operation is part of a cease fire that's used to address violent crime. he said it's one of the largest operations they have taken in part. as we -- a press conference at 11:30 to address how the operation went. officers are still in the field conducting the operation. we are live in oakland.
8:07 am
>> thank you. it's 8:04. the san jose man accused of trying to blow up a bank is due in court. the 28-year-old was arrested last month in an fbi terrorism sting. the feds say that he wanted to join the taliban. an undercover agent gave him a fake car bomb that he allegedly tried to detonate in front of a bank. today's hearing will consider a defense request. a bicyclist will have to stand trial enslaver charges in the death of a pedestrian last year. he quickly bolted out of the courtroom after the judge's ruling yesterday. he is a accused of speeding through stopsigns before hitting and killing a 71-year- old man. if convicted he could face up to six years in prison. >> the suspected drunk driver accused in the san francisco crash that killed a teen girl last weekend is due back in
8:08 am
court this morning. the 28-year-old karenen brewer is facing charges of felony drunk driving. a 17-year-old was killed when she crossed a boulevard. chang had just celebrated her birthday. the lawyer for the drunk driving suspect said tests show his client was barely over the legal limit. >> it's a time, want to check in with sal. >> looking better as we look at it now you can see only a slight slow down and that really bodes well for the silicon valley commute. enough people have the morning off that it has been light in the silicon valley. let's move along to the bay bridge toll plaza. all it takes is a small amount. maybe 10% of people not going. everybody else gets much better, getting into satisfy
8:09 am
san francisco. an injury crash -- sharp park at college. a couple of cars overturned. fire departments. this morning not a good idea to use sharp park. 8:06. let's go to rosemary. >> hard prose pressed to find any signs of rain. giving you a live look at blue sky. a little bit of lingering moisture. this is what we are seeing, mostly clear, plenty of sun. just a band of clouds that stretches from san francisco and the coast all the way across the san pablo bay into fairfield. been here for the last half hour or so. widespread 40s to low 50s around the bay area. 43napa. as well as fairfield. bottoming out in the mid-30s earlier this morning. i want to slide you south because this is where the rain has gone. 100-miles to the south of san
8:10 am
jose, san luis obisbo and continuing south because the storm has now taken it's southerly track and will slide east across southern california. we may pick up just a little bit of moisture. you can see the wrap around. i don't expect it'll be much. maybe a passing shower, gilroy, maybe morgan hill. take a look at what is happening. the system will take the rain as it pushes east. tahoe going to see a little bit of snow. could cause trouble on the roadways if you are headed up today. the weekend looks good and dry. we have this northerly flow that will continue and as i come back closer to home, notice in to the evening hours, still a few chances that maybe just a pop up shower, mount hamilton. santa cruz mountains, it won't be much. most of us will stay dry and we will stay cool into tonight and
8:11 am
tomorrow. afternoon highs, will continue to soar. saturday, warmer on sunday, daylight saving on sunday. remember to spring forward with clocks, mostly sunny, lows in the 70's into monday and tuesday. overnight lows cool, mid to upper 30s in the forecast as we start the day. >> we will have a little more sun on sunday which is good news because a fun event known as sunday streets is returning. the party will be held between fisherman's wharf and pier52. the event will feature free bike rent ams and live performances. they plan to set up special mobile exhibits. >> the clock is ticking for dozens of homeless people this morning. the city plans to clear out a large camp there. we have been there since 4:30. you are on spring street and you just got off the phone with city officials. >> reporter: that's right. they said they will start showing up in about a half hour
8:12 am
but the tear down happens at nine. that's less than an hour so you can see people are rushing to pack up their belongings. the people that you see, they have a car, so they -- try to figure out what to put in storage and what to pack in their car. they have enough money to pay for a storage facility but don't have enough money to pay for rent for an apartment. others say they are going to be holding their ground and they are just going to wait for the city workers to come. here is video taken of people packing up. about 120 people have been living in this grassy field on spring street. the a lot of trash and debris has been collecting and the city has been sending outreach workers to help connect the homeless but say the resources limited. the project manager said they realize that some of the homeless will just set up at another location and set up
8:13 am
another camp. they plan to track them. one woman said she will get a motel. >> i don't feel that the city is solving anything. they are chase us from one point -- from point a to b but not saying where can gto set up camp. just long enough to get our bearings and to be able to focus on improving the situation. >> reporter: work crews will be here along with environmental services and the housing department to start tearing down the tents and man made structures. property will be stored for 950 days and the homeless will have that time to claim it. we have seen several dogs so animal control will also becoming out here. people just don't want to loose their pets because that's their only friend so that's been one of the reasons that people are resisting to go into a shelter. we will tell you how the city
8:14 am
plans to deter people from back the clan up. >> a surprise find near a southern california military base. what was hidden inside a boat. >> and a crime caught on camera at san francisco's hall of justice. how it's related to an abandoned baby born on the san francisco sidewalk. [ male announcer ] you think you know me.
8:15 am
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8:17 am
today partly cloudy, conditions as well as a cool and breezy conditions. >> film now 8:14, san francisco police searching for a man accused of stealing a foster mother's baby bag from the hall of justice. a surveillance camera caught him snatching the bag wednesday at a security checkpoint. police say the bag belongs to a woman who is caring for a baby abandoned on a sidewalk in december. the baby's birth mother was allegedly high on cocaine. she has given a not guilty plea to a charge of cruelty. >> coming up at 8:15, later this morning a state senator will make his case to make it harder to hold gun shows at the c cow palace. the facility is on state land. under the bill both counties would have to approve gun shows, at the palace for them to happen. similar measures to limit gun shows have failed in recent
8:18 am
years. only on 2 security at bay area airports. scott mcfarland is in washington with what he found regarding the amount of guns and other weapons. >> reporter: take a look at your screen. this is one of the many guns taken by tsa in recent weeks, it's a 32 caliber in the lining of a carry on. data obtained by a public records request showed the tsa seized 11 guns since 2012 and six more in that time from passengers in oakland. can't bring a gun on a plane or into the terminal. have you to check it in your checked lug age and tell the airline first. many saying that they forget and the spokesman said some of the cases passengers don't have bad intentions but security consultants say it's why the screens are so hard. >> have you to keep the bad guy off his game and the way to do that is random.
8:19 am
i have to ria cease my whole way of how i will try to beat airport security. >> reporter: in recent weeks officers have stopped passengers with knives, inert grenades, with stun guns. live in washington. >> security screeners at oakland say travelers trying to sneak more than guns onto planes. a recent seizure, this photograph released by the county sheriff, agents found more than 60 pounds of marijuana in a checked bag. the owner had a ticket for charleston south carolina. he has been arrested on suspicious of possession of marijuana for sale. officials say they found a million dollars worth of marijuana on an overturned boat but they don't know when it belonged too. people on the beach spotted the
8:20 am
boat yesterday north of the military base. >> stanford said the gridlock in washington is hurting research at the school. the budget cuts will cost them $50 million in needed research funding. funding making up 17% of their budget. a report shows more than 20,000 college bound students now seeking state financial aid for the first time under california's new dream act law. those laws let them get financial help despite their immigration status. this research is the best cater yet of how the dream act is a effecting students whose parents brought them to the united states illegally when they were young. >> time is now 8:18.
8:21 am
prosecutors have dropped charges against a redwood city teacher accused of abusing young autistic students. prosecutors say they didn't have the evidence against the teacher. an earlier statement aides claimed she slapped, kicked and withheld food from two 5-year- old's. the accusations triggered a police investigation. during the investigation, prosecutors say that problems in the reports the aides led them to not having enough evidence. two female bloggers on a mission. they want to give a classic food dish a makeover. they want kraft to remove the yellow dye from mac and cheese. they say studies show it machos hyper activity, allergies and migraines. according to the women cheesy pasta, the uk version has no dye. kraf, t said they take concerns seriously.
8:22 am
they offer 14 product that are free of the added colors. >> stargazers will get to see an extra treat as an asteroid the size of a city block will pass by. sciencists say the rock will fly by more than 600,000 miles away. ed star wars trio will use the force again in a new episode seven film. harrison ford, mark hamil and carry fisher will all resume their icon roles. an interview with george lucas revealed all three were signed for the new movie before disney bought lucas films for four billion dollars. >> time is 8:20. google has a special college. it's offering $20 million for the first company to land a robot on the moon.
8:23 am
the bonus prizes will go to those if they can find water on the moon. >> big prize. former president bill clinton doing an act face. the legislation he signed into law but now wants struck down. >> and look out the window. it looks pretty good. blue skies. what you can expect for this weekend. . >> good morning. golden gate bridge, sunny and good traffic coming down out of marin. more about the morning commute and the bay weather. anouncer ] ihop is in time square to compare
8:24 am
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8:25 am
8:26 am
. welcome back. bill clinton wants the court to overturn the defense of marriage act which he signed into law. the president said that it was a different time when he signed the law, now he said he thinks the law is un unconstitutional. >> most people in san francisco seem to approve of the job ed lee is doing as the mayor. according to a new poll by the chamber of commerce 65% of the people surveyed have a good
8:27 am
opinion of him. that's only a slight drop from last year. the voters seem to be less impressed the board of supervisors, they have a 53% favorable rating but that is improve from last year and higher than members of congress. >> congress. right. sal is back. there is a new crash in fremont. >> there is. it's northbound interstate 880 at auto mall parkway. it may affect traffic and it looks like -- let me put it up here. northbound 880. northbound traffic not that bad. let's -- let me go back to this. i think i miss -- northbound 880. southbound traffic from 238, 25 minutes action now i can move it overo to the peninsula where i can show you sharp park boulevard. there was -- i called it shark on the maps. that was a typo. there is still a crash. use highway 1. let's go to live
8:28 am
pictures. westbound bay bridge. traffic is light. then if you are in san francisco, the traffic looks good. 880 northbound. slowing as you approach 66, heading north. 8:25. >> and outside the most sun we have seen in days. the sunny skies will continue into the bay area weekend. giving you a live look over the hills and just a few clouds, the clouds will continue to dissipate, moving through and bringing us sun for saturday and sunday. here we are this morning, today partly cloudy, a little cool, a little breezy, still chilly outside the doors, few low 50s. get into the 10:00 hour. low to mid50s in the forecast and then for lunch, mid50s expected. for the second half of the day here is what you can expect. 58 san rafael. upper other's in san jose and redwood city. i expect the winds will pick up for the afternoon and we will
8:29 am
be breezy airtimes especially at the coast and around the bay. the extended forecast. there is the warming trend. we will be off to a chilly start tomorrow morning. if you have a little leaguer it'll be cool, widespread upper 30s to low 40s. mid60's tomorrow. upper 60s on sunday. low 70s expected monday and tuesday. >> all right. a new effort to support the struggling postal service. >> we have chilling details about a home invasion here in san francisco and we will update you on the search for the suspects when we continue. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
8:30 am
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8:32 am
. welcome back. overnight news an investigation into a violent bay area home invasion stretched from san francisco to oakland. some of the stolen items have been found and the victim is talking about what happened. he talked to christian and she is back with what he told you. >> reporter: these are details you will only here on channel 2. this is the home in question. the man who lived here told me the story and how it happened. he didn't want to appear on camera but he said earlier this morning he heard some noises after midnight and before he knew it there were two young men in his home holding him at gun point. >> the girl guy took me to the pact room, had me in the tub with a gun to my head and told me -- held me there while his
8:33 am
friend ransacked the house. he wanted me to come help them look and as soon as he realized standing up meant i could see him he put me back down on the ground. >> reporter: we have video of police on the scene. the victim said the suspect made off with two computers, i- phone, police say one of those devices. . the resident said police first tracked the suspects to treasure island and then across the bring to oakland. authorities were able to track the items to 80th avenue. we have yesterday yellow of oakland and san francisco police officers doing the investigation there. they say it appears the suspect figured out that the police were tracking them and ditched the stolen items under a parked car. police have returned the computers and some of the items to the homeowner here. among them still missing, the victim's i-phone and i-pod and
8:34 am
a number of personal items. police say that -- the victim here said that police say the suspects in the case could face 25 years to life. he said he believes there may be some fingerprint and possibly dna evidence here at this house that could be important in locating the suspects in this case. we are live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2news. >> 8:31, san francisco police are going undercover to catch thieves breaking in to cars, in order to break-in to homes. police say they are stealing garage door openers and using them to get into homes. investigators say that there has been a handful of thefts just in the past two weeks. >> a couple of them in the driveway, others in front and they just push the buton and see which doors open. >> reporter: police say so far they have taken bikes and other items inside garages but have not gone further into the homes. officers are placing flyers
8:35 am
with safety tips on wind shields, you should never leave your garage door open erin side your vehicle. a 23-year-old accused of a deadly hit and run is expected to appear in a san francisco courtroom today for a status hearing. she faces felony charges for allegedly hitting a group of people in the twin peaks neighborhood last december. a 56-year-old died in the crash. police want your help identitying the suspects responsible for a string of home burglaries. police responded to six thefts in the northwest and southwest areas of tracy on wednesday and thursday. witnesses say two to four suspects were knocking on front doors to see if anyone was home before breaking in. the suspects are described as african american men between 20 and 30. >> a new idea by berkeley city councilman to save the postal service, he wants to tax, e- mail. he said a small tax on them,
8:36 am
100th of a cent would discourage spam, wouldn't impact the typical internet user and would help fund very important funs of the postal service. that suggestion has been criticized on twitter. right now the e-mail tax idea is banned by congress. a new look for facebook. coming soon here is what the redesign news feed will look like. check it out. photographs of video will be a lot more prominent than the text. users will be able to set up several news feeds for different content like -- the feed just for photographs. the update starts rolling out next thursday. redone mobile apps are coming in the next few weeks. >> we want to check in with sal to find what's happening on the roads this morning. >> reporter: we are doing pretty well in many areas. a couple of glitches in others. we will start with the good news that will be 880 just normal, there are no crashes,
8:37 am
we heard there could have been a crash, there wasn't. photograph sick a little slow. the traffic looks good at the toll plaza. it looks good coming into the welcome corridor and no problems on the bridge. if are you driving at auto mall, southbound traffic, not really to affected by this. you can see traffic is backed up. about 26 minutes,. >> okay. starting out with a live look over golden gate field. you can see the sky is mostly blue. we have just a few high clouds at this time. what a difference a day makes. i have a six hour loop on here. even over the last six hours, you can see that the rain continues to push to the south and even six hours back we were dealing mainly dry conditions over the bay area. over the last 24 hours we have seen a good amount of rain over southern portions of the viewing area. here is the storm. it was right about here
8:38 am
yesterday. do you remember? it has slid south. it'll track over southern california and the coming hours. this wrap around moisture is the only concern that we may get a sprinkle, i really don't see it happening. if you do get it, maybe, maybe a sprinkle over southern portions of the bay area that. will be why. mostly clear sykes. temperatures slightly warmer, a little breezy for the afternoon. current tome 45 concord, there is that band of light or high clouds i was talking about. san francisco, across into the east bay and moves along i-80 toward fairfield. 48 haywood. it was a chilly start over the north blay but the temperatures are starting to come up as well. the rainfall for the last 24 hours, not talking since the storm started tuesday night but the first half, tuesday night into wednesday was the north bethea saw most of the rain. over the last 24 hours, it's been over the south bay. look at san jose, picked up half an inch in the last 24 hours, good news for you. there is the extended forecast
8:39 am
with your weekend in view. today partly cloudy, little cool and breezy. as we get into tomorrow morning it could be a chilly start. mid to upper of 60's in the forecast. sunsets today about 6:12, on sunday when we spring forward we will get a little more daylight and sun will set at 7:15. that for your enjoyment. we are going to loose an hour of sleep. be prepared for that. monday into tuesday mostly sunny, low 70s and dry. >> all right. a health warning all across the country of a super bug. pam cook is in studio to tell us where it's showing up and what we can do to protect ourselves. >> reporter: doctors and hospitals across the country are being warned by the cdc about a dangerous bacteria. the super bugs are showing up in hospitals around the country can. about one or two cases a month and can be deadly in 50% of
8:40 am
patients. doctors recommend be proactive. if you have to have a cathet er make sure it's removed quickly >> this can serve as a point of injury. >> reporter: specialists say part of the solution is for doctors to be more selective in handing out medications. now the most at river are older people in long term care facilities, children, or anyone who has had long term exposure to medications. >> three dozen dogs were rescued from two watsonville -- 11 dogs including six puppies were taken from an apartment on
8:41 am
east beech street. 25 including ten puppies were taken from a relative's home on alexander street. they are now headed to foster homes. >> our time is now 8:38. the funeral for hugo chavez is underway. right now. the hollywood star whoo is there to bid farewell to him. . >> we are live in san jose where police and city work crews are about to tear down a homeless camp near the airport. we will bring it to you live. [ mom ] dear chex cereal, i just had to write. you can't imagine how long i've been searching for something like this for my family.
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8:44 am
. the dow broke through 14, 400 this morning. briefly. wall street reacting to the positive news about unemployment with it down to 7.7%. 236,000 new jobs created, taking a live look at the big board. the white house will be celebrating this sips the jobless -- jobless --
8:45 am
>> reporter: one thing the white house has been doing for a while is saying don't take one month's numbers and run away with it and say this is the way it's going. they also added to that today -- in their statement about their new figures action even the white house saying they think the economy is getting some traction. the white house statement today saying beware, all the numbers came in before the budget cuts started hitting. that goes to a much larger argument going on right now between democrats and republicans over the impact of what's known as the sequester. a lot of republicans still arguing that the vacation is over hyping some of those possible job losses. as of now the political reaction from democrats, not only the -- democrats if you
8:46 am
are going to have furloughs, if you are talking about impact from sequestration, furloughs wouldn't be counted as lost jobs, people would loose one day every two weeks oro one day every week in terms of their pay. it wouldn't show up on the bottom line of a jobless report that you are unemployed. we will have to see. others would say because there is less money that will have an effect especially in an area like this. >> i have read that under unment is -- labor force participation has gone down. >> reporter: you are right.
8:47 am
you look at another, called the u6. it's seen as the broadest, most representative figure of what the jobless rate is if you include everybody who is looking for work, can only work part time. that rate is filled at 14.4%. just a tick higher than where it was when the obama administration started. obviously a lot of political hay to be made. the budget battle going on here as well. >> all right. jamie. live for us in washington. thank you. you can find a link to his washington insider blog on the website. just go to pull down the news menu bar and go to the politics page. >> new this morning, one of the bay area's best known restaurants caught fire early this morning, but the owner chez panisse said she will rebuild. most of the damage is on the
8:48 am
outside of the building, they will be closed for some time. >> reporter: she is emotional. the tough time for her. she still said she feels lucky. take a look behind me. as this bus passes we will give you a look at the activity still going on. you can see a lot of fire investigators and people still on the scene here at chez panisse. we have video. it started underneath the front porch area of the restaurant. when that fire broke out -- it went into the porch. that sprinkler system went off and saved the rest of the building from being taken over by the flames. very lucky, shei recognizes
8:49 am
that the restaurant could have been damaged far worse. >> we probably lot of the wisteria. >> wisteria. >> reporter: but you aren't going away. >> no. no. we aren't. i just -- want people to know that -- that they will have to bear with us. >> reporter: the fire started at 3:00 this morning or some time before then. the first call came in 3:04 when flames were visible from the outside of the building. at this point, firefighters don't have a cause, they are just saying on the outside that it started they are looking into if it could have been electrical or set. one of the reasons she was emotional is because this was the first time there is been a fire -- let's show you video
8:50 am
from back in 1982. that is when there what was a big fire and it damaged the building, alice waters said she was working as a chef at that time and she said her dad actually took out some insurance and they rebuilt part of the restaurant after that and that's maybe why the restaurant survived this fire because they had that. there is a sprinkler system and they took all the extra precautions. live here in berkeley. ktvu. >> time now 8:48. let's bring you up to date for some of the other top stories. oakland police and federal agents, teamed up for an early morning sweep of violent criminals in oakland. several search warrants were
8:51 am
issued around the city. brian flores is on this. he will bring us a live report in just a couple of minutes. this just in from rome. word that the conclave to elect the new pope will start tuesday. an official announcement is expected in little more than an hour. the church wasn't able to set a date until all of the voting cardinals had arrived in rome. back here, happening now, homeless people in san jose are being forced out of their camps. we are at the homeless camp on spring street and looking at the pictures. we see the police there as well. >> reporter: we have moved down the street, close to taylor and coleman and you can see a group of police huddled and then across the street you see more police as well . they are talking about how to tear down
8:52 am
the homeless camp. it's happening in about ten minutes. police are rushing to pack up. others are holding their ground. we haven't seen any movement from those tents out there. they are just going to wait for the city workers to come in. here is video in the last hour of people pack up. about 120 people have been living in the grassy field on spring street near the airport. it's visible to passing cars and the city is concerned about sanitation and public safety. they say a lot of thrash and debris has been collecting and the city has been sending workers to help connect the homeless with resources bus those are limited and the project manager said they realize some of the homeless will just set up at another location so they plan to track them and continue offering help. one man who had been living there said he found a room to rent last night. >> everybody is only a paycheck or two away from oh my god. i will try my best and do all i cannot to end up back here now that i'm in a room. this gives me the opportunity
8:53 am
to save my money and move forward. they can take away your stuff, they can't taka kay who you are. >> reporter: work crews will be tearing down the tents and man made structures, service services and animal control are also here to help. the city housing department said park rangers and police will act agriculture security watching the field after the clean up is done to make sure that people do not come back here to set up their tents again. next tuesday there will be a council meeting to discuss a long term solution about trying to find a more permanent housing and help for the people. reporting live from san jose. ktvu channel 2news. >> thank you. nine minutes for nine. new, chuck hagel has arrived in afghanistan on his first trip to the country as defense secretary. he plans to meet with the afghanistan president and united states commanders during his stop. he said that though the transition to afghanistan forces is underway united
8:54 am
states troops must still remain focused on the mission because we are still at war. he was confirmed by the senate last week after a bruising confirmation fight. happening now, thousands of people are taking part in a state funeral for hugo chavez. this is a live picture of the services among those is shaun penn. he called chavez a dear friend and a champion for the poor. chavez died tuesday from a massive heart attack at the age of 58. his body will be embalmed and put on permanent display inside a glass tomb. the heads of more than 30 governments also attending the funeral. they include iranian president who arrived last night and cuban president. the united states delegation includes a new york congressman. >> we will take a quick break and be right back. please.
8:55 am
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8:57 am
. happening right now in oakland, federal agents and local police have joined forces for a major crime sweep. what has happened. >> reporter: this operation continues this morning as you can see behind me the united states marshalls service has set up a mobile command center. that's been here for several hours, they are working together with oakland police department as well as other agencies and we are learning
8:58 am
several warrants were issued throughout the city as well as throughout the bay area to people that are allegedly involved in violent crimes. this operation started early this morning with opd and other agencies targeting different locations. chopper 2 just a couple hours ago -- there was a large police presence there. from what we understand, several people have been arrested for violent crimes, still don't know the official number. police chief howard jordon said that many weapons were -- recovered as well and this operation was months in the planning. here he is now with the update. >> went well. everybody there is within no injuries to officers or citizens. we have recovered several weapon its so far including an aassault weapon and we are still looking for other suspects that are wanted in connection. >> reporter: the police chief said the operation is part of a cea se fire initiative.
8:59 am
he said a part was identitying people in oakland's gang and group violence. we are expected to hear more from a press conference this morning as we take it back out live. that conference scheduled for 11:30 and we will have a complete report on this operation for the news at noon. we are live in oakland. brian flores. >> thank you. let's check in with sal. see what's happening on the roads. >> we are going to end this report for this morning by looking at some of the problems northbound 85. there is a new injury crash. the rist of the area hasn'tn 't that bad. no problems in to san francisco. if you are going to the -- if you are coming up from chavez to the sp

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